Smart Traffic Management

The traffic of the city increases in line with the growth of the population. This poses new challenges for everyone traveling in the City of Stockholm


The project Smart Traffic aims to test and evaluate new ways of planning and managing the traffic in the city more efficiently. The city’s current traffic management system is already advanced, the problem is that the traffic to a large extent is managed based on historical data. By using real time data instead, there are new possibilities to increase traffic mobility.

The project tests and evaluates new ways of managing traffic dynamically and more efficiently using new data sources. Today the City of Stockholm detects vehicles using induction loops under the road surface and manages traffic flows based on historical data. Real time data offer new possibilities. Sensors placed above ground replaces the induction loops and communicate real time data for more dynamic traffic signals management.  The sensors can also collect data including all road users and the environment. The open data will be shared with other city agencies as well as with traffic administrations and others outside the city.

During the years of 2019-2020, several tests will be carried out in the inner city of Stockholm.

More about the ongoing tests

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”I dag har de blå bussarna utrustning som skickar en signal till trafiksignalen när de ligger efter tidtabellen och då får de prioritet i trafiken” – SVT-inslag om smart trafikstyrning i Stockholm.