Technical Conditions

The project Technical Conditions aims to secure vital technology for managing Internet of Things (IoT) for the City of Stockholm.

The platform will provide the city with increased capacity to manage real time data collections, streaming analytics, data sharing (i.e. open data) and big data analytics. This is done in order to ensure conditions for Stockholm to become a smarter city.

The IoT-platform can be used by all administrations in the city for their specific IoT-solutions, as well as by other centralised city platforms, such as platforms for integration, authentication and authorization. The connecting infrastructure is secured by St:Erik Communication. The platform should ensure high standards of integrity protection, information security, robustness and flexibility.

Together with the project Open and share data, the platform will be the backend for developing common standards for how the City of Stockholm can share data with citizens, enterprises and visitors. Sharing data can encourage deeper insights about the city´s activities as well as innovative services for a smarter Stockholm.


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