Open and shared data

The importance of data as a community resource is increasing. Therefore, the City of Stockholm will open data in order to make it more accessible. If more actors can access the city’s data, new and smart services can be developed.

Vdeo – Open and shared data

Open data is data that anyone can access while developing new, digital services.

The City of Stockholm aims to make its data available in a standardized way, so that external developers have the possibility to freely use data while developing new applications and other digital services.

The City of Stockholm has ambitious goals and works with open data in various initiatives.

New open data from the city’s businesses and administrations is currently made available on

The City of Stockholm is also leading the undertaking of open data on a regional level in Storsthlm, a collaborative project with all municipalities within the area of Stockholm. The project Open Data in Stockholm Region (ÖDIS), is partially financed by the EU and the aim is to create possibilities for growth and innovation for small and medium-sized enterprises. Together with the other municipalities in the region, the project offers open data through standardized APIs in a regional data portal.


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