The EU project: Open data in the Stockholm Region (ÖDIS) 2018 – 2020

The ÖDIS project (Open data in the Stockholm region) was conducted as a collaboration between all 26 Stockholm municipalities, during 2018–2020.  The project was based on funding from the EU / Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth and the City of Stockholm. The project primarily focused on the region’s companies and developers in order to strengthen innovation and growth.

The picture includes logos of the Greater Stockholm municipalities, Storsthlm and EU.

During the autumn 2020, the municipal directors in the Stockholm region decided that the municipal collaboration Storsthlm would be commissioned to manage the project’s results and continue to pursue the open data collaboration between the municipalities. In addition, Storsthlm was also commissioned to conduct a coordinated procurement of a long-term regional portal for open data. For more information on the continued open data collaboration in the Stockholm region, contact

In order to contribute to open data in the broader context, the ÖDIS project has created several documents to help organizations that want to get started or take the next step regarding open data. The documents are licensed with CC-BY, which means that they are free to use and develop further, with reference to its source. All documents are in Swedish, and you can find them here (link).

For more information regarding the project or the material, contact

As the project was finished in December 2020, this website and the associated documents will not be updated.