What is a smart and connected city?

A smart city is a sustainable city that utilizes digitalisation and new technology to make life better for citizens, visitors and businesses.

The way to make Stockholm a smart and connected city is through innovative solutions, openness and connectivity. In the smart and connected city, new digital services are being developed to create the highest quality of life for citizens and the best environment for business.

Why should Stockholm become a smart and connected city?

Stockholm is growing, we are living longer and international mobility in the labour market is increasing. Future residents of Stockholm will have different needs than today. At the same time, rapid digitalisation is underway. This creates new opportunities as well as new needs for the city.

In Stockholm, the digital maturity is high, and the digital infrastructure is well developed. This means that we are well placed to utilize the advantages of digitalisation.

Stockholm is in many aspects leading in information and communication technology. Many prominent companies – globally established as well as start-ups – operates in the city. We want to use these advantages to make life better for everyone who visits, works and lives in Stockholm.